"During my early teens, I struggled with family issues and peer pressure amongst friends and never really belonged, until I met Lisa. When I was fortunate to meet her at Sandwich Technology School, I instantly felt at home for the first time ever, not just from her presence but from within myself. I never felt like I fitted into society and nobody understood me, including my parents but after my journey with Lisa, I soon realised there was a reason why we are all individual and unique and that it should not divide us. With the current social pressures and personal issues that teenagers and parents face and the separation that society contributes to, it is so important that we acknowledge our difficulties and differences more than ever. The techniques that Lisa taught me have helped me thrive and be the successful person I am. I would recommend her as a skilled therapist"
J. P. Sandwich, Kent
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"Twice weekly sessions with Lisa over a 4 – 5-week period, helped me through a temporary acute phase, centred around my 15 year old son. I was able to learn both coping strategies and develop on existing communication skills. Lisa was instrumental in helping me to focus on achievable targets to improve a situation that seemed generally hopeless. Looking at myself and valuing myself as a person, helped me to approach and manage problem within my family in a useful and rational way, without blame. Practising the EFT that she taught me, on a regular basis allowed me to let go of negative emotions and re-establish my self-belief and self-worth. 6 – 7 months later, I can see that I am making long-lasting changes to the way I manage the difficulties of raising 4 boys in a divided family unit. This has had a positive effect on the whole family. New problems will always crop up, but I now feel confident that I will manage them and won’t allow life to overwhelm me – I can utilise the practical strategies she has shown me. The most valuable lessons she helped me learn is that I am a good person; I love my children; I need to believe it and show it always"
R. A. Kent, UK
Registered General Nurse/ Registered Sick Children’s Nurse (RGN/RSCN)
"Lisa’s positive, friendly and constructive approach really helped me to feel at ease and supported. It felt like I had found the right place to come for help. A heartfelt thank you for making more of a difference than you’ll ever know"
S. B. London, UK
Human Resource Advisor
"I have worked with Lisa on and off over the years and I am very grateful to have met her. Her practice is totally unique and has helped me to work on some underlying issues within myself. Her manner and the warmth she radiates when working with you makes it easy to relax and feel supported and understood when looking into certain situations, which can sometimes be emotional. I highly recommend Lisa not only for her high standard of knowledge and experience but also as she is a genuine healer and counsellor who has your best interests at heart"
J. D. West Sussex. UK
Art Facilitator
“I have struggled with episodes of headaches, knee pain, insomnia and anxiety for a few years. I opened up to Lisa about the issues that I had been experiencing and found her extremely empathetic, calming and patient. Lisa first introduced me to EFT as a way of coping with the pain of my headaches and knee pain. She guided me through the tapping process step by step, explaining what we were doing and how it was going to help. I found it to be incredibly helpful so started to try and use it to help with my insomnia and anxiety. I have been amazed by the results that I have seen. I have even found EFT to be helpful when dealing with emotions such as grief and anger.”
H. R. London, UK
Primary School Teacher
"I have known Lisa for the past ten years, during which time she has provided immeasurable support as my children grew from young teenagers to young adults. During these years, they have had to deal with huge life issues that have impacted them both physically and emotionally. First and foremost, Lisa was an extremely competent, professional and reliable source of support for me as a single mother coping with seemingly insurmountable issues. Her calm, grounded approach and wealth of experience gave me the reassurance and skills to confidently use the techniques that she taught me, such as EFT, which has proved to be invaluable"
H. L. Kent, UK
Teaching Assistant
"Since my partner has been attending these sessions there has been a clear change in her way of seeing things. She is more open to discussion and appears much more at ease within herself"
A. A. Kent, UK
Assistant Head Teacher
"Having had a previous negative experience with CBT I contacted Lisa to see if she could help in any way. From the initial email contact I felt at ease and reassured that she would work using different methods to support me in the best way. I have been working with Lisa for about 6 weeks and this has included 3 emotional freedom technique (EFT) matrix sessions. At first, I was a little dubious but was open to try anything. I can’t believe what I have experienced in such a short time and how much it has helped me. I have dealt with some very painful issues and working through these has brought me such a sense of peace and self-confidence. I see things differently now with much more positivity. The physical reactions from anxiety have really eased and I can honestly say that Lisa has helped me save my relationship and find myself again. I know life will throw obstacles in my way but now I feel better equipped to deal with them, learn from them and move on"
B. W. Kent, UK
Deputy Head Teacher
"Lisa is a warm, nurturing, down to earth person who makes you feel at ease in her company straight away. She has an intuitive way of working and gets to the underlying issues quickly. While working with Lisa I felt completely supported and held in a safe place by her. This made me feel relaxed which in turn allowed me to open up and be guided by her during the sessions. The benefits of working with Lisa are undeniable. Together we have worked on several different issues from my past which had been creating a lot of stress and anxiety for me in the present. After our sessions together I felt free, lighter, relaxed and able to think more clearly. I was also motivated to take action on things I had been putting off for a long time. The other benefit was gaining an understanding of the reasons why I had these problems and an acceptance of myself and my journey without the need to blame myself or anyone else. I would definitely recommend Lisa to my friends family and colleagues. I can’t thank you enough Lisa!"
N. C. Kent, UK
Activities Instructor
“I have been enormously helped by the sessions I have attended with Lisa. Having the space and time to discuss my worries and anxieties has been very helpful. Through attending these sessions, I have been able to arrive at solutions to the problems I have been facing. It is so important that all of us, when we need it, have access to a counsellor like Lisa who can help us to make sense of what is going on in our lives. I am very grateful to Lisa for her support and guidance and I recommend her unreservedly.”
R.P. Kent, UK
English/Drama Teacher
"Lisa has been life-changing to me. Her counselling skills and her strategies to deal with difficult circumstances and emotions have been valuable. I feel that she has allowed me to deal with past events that have been affecting me in the ‘now’ but I have also left with tools and strategies to help me with any problems or emotions that arise. She is sympathetic, understanding and most importantly to me, non-judgemental, which allowed me to fully open up. She always asked the right questions that made me reflect on situations and circumstance. I will be forever grateful for what she has taught me about myself"
L. C. London UK
Primary School Teacher
"After going through cancer and recent miscarriage, I was recommended by a friend of mine to see Lisa. From the moment I walked in to her office, I knew Lisa will be amazing. The counselling was helpful, I am back on my feet enjoying life again. Lisa has a variety of techniques that help with the everyday problems, she is very comfortable to talk to and be around. I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is struggling and needs help"
K. T. Kent UK
Primary School Teacher
Slide Heading
"Lisa has helped me so much after a challenging year and half. Through her sessions I have discovered more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I have learnt that self-care is not something to feel guilty about, but it is essential to a well-balanced life. I have learnt how to set boundaries, so I do not live life on the near empty line and feel confident in doing it. Most of all my husband has said I have my sparkle back and that is the greatest gift. Lisa has a way of asking the right questions and making you feel totally at ease. She is a true professional and has such a gift for helping people. I would and have recommended her to friends and colleagues"
K H, Kent
Educational Management
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